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Welcome to Applied Technologies

Applied Technologies produces and offers Photo Blockers, as well as radar, laser and photo blocker combo systems. Although the USA, CA, South America, EU, UK, AU, NZ and other countries are getting huge amounts of their tax money from speed cameras, red light cameras, right turn cameras, speed on green cameras, toll cameras and mobile speed photo vans; you can stop their invasion using our PHOTO BLOCKERS.

Do you need speed trap protection, speed camera protection or a laser gun defense? We offer the best custom installed radar detectors combined with the best laser jammer and photo blocker for your car, SUV, truck or motorcycle. The best radar laser jammer combo systems you can get with front rear radar detection, electronic RDD invisibility, Ka frequency programming, WEB updates, radar false alert learning & memory, physical invisibility, front/rear laser jammers, front/rear photo blockers and a free APC power Control. Call Justin at 303-827-6296 or John at 720-635-3931. ORDERS SECURED WITH 256 ENCRYPTION SECURITY

How do you know which radar detector is best? What about installed radar detectors and photo blockers. Which one is better at preventing a speed camera photo ticket? Beltronics STiR Plus, ProDB Photo Blocker or Passport 9500ci radar laser detector? Most WEB site companies offer a variety of products, all untested by their company. The radar detectors, photo blockers and laser jammers we offer have been tested with Speed Measurement Laboratories in El Paso, TX. Customers want performance and that is what we offer! The Passport 9500ci and Laser ShifterPro now provide Laser Gun Code WEB UPDATES. We have superb test results on Passport Max2, STiR Plus, Passport 9500ci, Escort Redline, STi Magnum, Passport radar detector, Valentine One and Valentine One Euro, photo blockers and laser jammers, including Blinder HP905 and ShifterPro.

Low cost products will often not have the performance you want. A $60 radar detector can not detect speed traps over the top of a hill or around curves. Do you want Performance or Low Cost? Getting a ticket using a low performance radar detector does not help you! The ProDB Photo Blocker easily defeats speed cameras, toll cameras, red light cameras, right turn cameras, speed on green cameras and mobile photo speed vans. Speed Cameras are not about Safety! It is about taxes!

Our customers know us for product knowledge and Service Support. Products are provided with a Full 12 month Warranty. We also keep a list of the BEST radar laser INSTALLERS! We manufacture our ProDB photo speed camera blocker and APC Power Control.


Call us to discuss which radar laser photo jammer is best. Defeat traffic cameras with our photo blocker. Radar laser, photo speed camera and 3D GPS navigation are combined in the new SmartRadar from Escort Radar. The ProDB Photo Blocker detects, blocks the camera image and alerts you to their attempt to photograph your license plate.

 Call Applied Technologies in Canada at 250-715-8972 or in the USA at 720-635-3931.