The Photo Blocker ProDB-4AD is designed with two photo blockers above a single license plate to defeat a speed camera, red light camera, toll camera or traffic camera from acquiring an image of your single license plate in the UK, Europe and Asia, where the 20 inch wide plates (52cm) are used. ProDB is designed as a photo blocker to protect your License Plate privacy and data by detecting when a speed camera, using a white flash or invisible infrared flash, single or dual flash, to take a picture of your single, 20" wide (52cm wide) license plate in England, Scotland, Ireland, Europe and Asia. The ProDB-4AD Photo Blocker includes LED Alert and a 3 way power switch with Photoblock/Detect Mode, License Plate Lights Only Mode, and Off Mode.

MODE 2 = PhotoBlock+Alert

MODE I =  License Plate Lights On/Off

MODE 0 = All POWER Off to Photoblocker AND License Plate Lights

The ProDB-4AD PhotoBlocker uses 2 photo blocker modules above your 52cm (20" wide) wide plate, and can be installed in less than 60 minutes and requires no special tools. The photo blocker includes an alert LED, power switch and photo blocker module, providing visual LED alerts. The photo blocker uses detectors to monitor both sides of the road, straight ahead of you and on to overpasses. It finds the signature of a photo radar system and protects your plate instantly.

An OPTIONAL APC Power Control offers 4 modes of operation. It let's you connect a radar detector, 2 laser jammer and 2 photo blockers to one APC Auto Power Control interface module. One power switch controls power and operational modes of operation to the radar detector, laser jammers and photo blockers.

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PhotoBlocker ProDB-4AD 20 inch Wide License Plate with cable alert

  • $699.95


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